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Botanical Name: Terninalia Superba
Other Names: Bagi
Color: Yellow - dark yellow

Limba in the commercial market is reported to be either of two colors: uniformly cream, pale yellow or grayish brown sometimes with nearly black, irregular streaks which give the wood an attractive appearance. Sapwood and heartwood are not clearly differentiated. The heartwood is reported to have little or no resistance to decay. It is readily attacked by termites, ambrosia beetles, and powder-post beetles.


Dulling effect on cutting edges is reported to be slight and can be sawn easily.  It responds well to ordinary machining tools in all operations, and works to produce clean smooth surfaces. Gluing properties are reported to be satisfactory. Pre-boring is required since the wood has a tendency to split so to require pre-boring. It takes stains readily. Polishing qualities are reported to be excellent after filling.

The wood is weak and is reported to be rarely used in applications where strength is of major concern. Bending and crushing strengths in the air-dry condition (about 12 percent moisture content) are low. It is not hard, and has moderate weight and density.


  • Indoor 
  • Flooring 
  • Furniture 
  • Paneling 
  • Doors 
  • Cabinets

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