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Botanical Name: Lophira Alata
Other Names: Ironwood
Color: Dark red - choc. brown

Heartwood is dark red, chocolate brown, or purple brown with conspicuous white deposits in the vessels. It is coarse interlocked grain with low luster and without characteristic odor or taste.


Very difficult to work with hand and machine tools; severe blunting effect if machined when dry; can be dressed to a smooth finish; gluing properties usually good. Heartwood is rated as very durable but only moderately resistant to termite attack. Resistant to acids. Good weathering properties. Resistant to teredo attack.


Heavy durable construction work, harbor work, heavy-duty flooring, parquet flooring, railroad crossties. Very hard and good for construction and decking.
  • Outdoor 
  • Flooring 
  • Decking  
  • Windows 
  • Ship/Rail road
  • Lumber bridges

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