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Rosewood East Indian
Botanical Name: Dalbergia Latifolia
Other Names: Rose Wood
Color: maroon to dark red

Rosewood has high strength in all categories except stiffness. The timber offers moderate difficulty with hand and tool working, and has a severe blunting effect on cutting edges. Gluing can be difficult and because of the oiliness of the wood, polishing is troublesome. However, with care, a smooth, beauitiful finish can be obtained.

Rosewood is used in both solid and veneer form for very high quality furniture and cabinet-making, piano cases, parquet flooring, carving and turnery.
Heartwood varying in color from golden brown to dark purple brown with darker streaks giving an attractive figure depending on location.  Grain narrowly interlocked; texture moderately coarse; luster low; fragrant when freshly cut but without distinctive odor or taste when seasoned.

Moderately difficult to work with hand and machine tools because of the high density; chalky deposits, if present, will dull cutters; glues well and takes an excellent finish; can be peeled and sliced for veneer. Heartwood is rated as highly resistant to attack by decay fungi and termites.


Fine furniture and cabinetwork, musical instruments, turnery, decorative veneers, specialty items.

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