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Botanical Name: Tabebuia Spp
Other Names: Ironwood
Color: Dark olive brown

Ipe heartwood is light to dark olive brown, often with attractive lighter or darker striping and a beautiful grain similar to American walnut. Ipe is rated as extremely durable. It has a fine texture, medium luster, and a somewhat oily appearance. Ipe is very hard and two to three times as hard as oak, very strong and very heavy. It weighs approximately 70 pounds per cubic foot.


Ipe is used for quality furniture and decorative veneers, and because of its strength and durability, is used in boardwalks, decking, porches, boat docks, and outdoor furniture.

Ipe is rated by the US Forest Products Lab for 25 years plus. It is resistant to fire naturally, has a rating of Class A by the NFPA or class 1 by the UBC, and resists insects, moisture, and movement. It can be sealed to maintain its natural color and beauty, or weathered to a beautiful silver gray patina.

It is available in various standard dimensions.

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