We do not and will not knowingly source, purchase or participate that involve in illegal logging. We encourage the suppliers obtain through best forestry practices and implementing sustained forestry principles and practices.

As one of the fastest growing US based company, we are in the process of implementing unprecedented measures to protect these beautiful hardwoods for the future generations. It include re plantations, better sustainability through research & development native to the forest, and above all protecting ecology and environmental principles within the scope of commercialization. We are also initiating many actions for local community developments where we harvest the logs as part of the company’s commitment to invest where we work. Please visit us again here to know more about our actions for sustained forestry management. We believe in the definition of sustained forestry means "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It links the environment, society and the economy (USDA)."

We support teak plantations

Please contact us to invest in teak plantations to preserve this beautiful wood for future generations and aid the environment by saving rain and tropical forests. Above all, gain a reasonable profit by helping the environment. These plantations are handled by teak plantations ltd, which is not affiliated in any way to Global Teak, Inc.

Teak Plantations
Teak Plantations