Global Teak, Inc (GTI) entered the reclaimed lumber business when an associate witnessed the burning of very old lumber to clear land for modern structures. By the time we could respond, more than $100,000 worth of Burmese Teak that adorned a dynasty’s palace for more than 300 years was destroyed. As part of our policy to protect natural old-growth forests, we entered into a contract to dismantle and clear all the buildings at no cost to the developer, in return for reclaimed Teak, East Indian Rosewood and Red Sandalwood. Our reclaimed teak is of Burmese origin, imported to India decades ago.

The best quality wood comes from old-growth trees which is harder, denser and more stable than wood from immature trees. Since old-growth timber is becoming more scarce and difficult to acquire for knowledgeable consumers. By using reclaimed lumber, GTI offers an environmentally responsible and an often preferred option to consumers.

Most our reclaimed lumbers come from old structures such as palaces, bridges and railroad tracks ranging in age from decades to centuries old. GTI is in the process of recording the origins of its reclaimed wood as an historical document of authenticity for our discriminating and environmentally conscious clients.

GTI’s drawing services, 3-D renderings and custom milling capabilities create unique, responsible and environmentally friendly packages that match your projects requirements. Choose from Red Sandalwood, East Indian Rosewood and Teak to create custom flooring, doors, moldings, cabinets, furniture or wherever you imagine.

All of GTI’s reclaimed woods meet the requirements of green building principles.